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Through our transparent appraisal and expertise, you can count on a fair market price without the hassle. 

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Our process is simple and transparent: We pay you and take care of the rest, even if you owe money on the vehicle.

  • Custom Appraisal: You contact us to schedule a time to come to you and evaluate your vehicle to determine if it is suitable for an offer.
  • Direct Pickup: If an offer is made and accepted, our vehicle transport services will come to you directly, eliminating any transportation hassle.
  • Top Dollar: We know cars, and we know what they are worth. Due to our mission and values, as well as our low overhead costs, you can count on an honest, fair market price for your car; one that is higher than offered elsewhere.

Illinois Trade In Tax Credit


How it Worked Prior to Jan 1st, 2020

When trading in a car, you only paid sales tax on the difference between the trade-in value and the price of your new car. For example, when trading in a car valued at $20,000 to buy a new vehicle for $35,000, sales tax was paid on the difference between the trade-in and the new car which was $15,000. Applying Illinois’ average state and local sales tax rate of 8.74%*, the sales tax on this deal would be $1,311. This brought your total trade-in value to $21,311.


How it Works Now

A maximum of only $10,000 in trade-in value is exempt from the sales tax. So in our example above, instead of paying sales tax on $15,000, you will have to pay sales tax on $25,000, which equals $2,185.  Therefore the maximum tax credit after applying Illinois’ average state and local sales tax rate of 8.74%* will be $874.  This will bring your total trade-in value to $20,874.

 *This sales tax rate varies based on your local county tax rate.

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